New-Age Investment Options In India | Which Is Best Investment For Future In India ?

It is utmost important for today’s folks to take financial decisions which empower them for the next course of actions and financial freedom. When there is no room for the wait for millennial as they believe in fast pace FOMO life. For these simple fast people, unit trust (Bank Mutual Funds) and other classic concepts are almost invalidated. Hence, the concept of ‘new-age’ investment alternative took place here.

By looking at the current investments alternative which pertains to deal with traditional ones, the digital forms of assets and storage system have improved the popularity of the same among the millennial. 

Some of the New-Age alternative apart from Bank Mutual funds, Regular Mutual Fund or high in risk appetite as well. Most of the traditional and potential investors are also talking about these so called new-investment investible options. It will help to improve the financial wellness and willingness to invest.

Now it’s time to have a look on these other than mutual funds and equity alternatives.

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Token that are non-fungible are a graphical portrayal of a one-of-a-kind item. There are numerous possibilities available, including paintings, audio, antiques, Memes and clips, and more. The artists’ innovation is the only limit to the arena of cryptographic protocols. NFT data is kept on the blockchain’s digital ledger, much like bitcoins, to verify ownership and credibility.

NFTs address some of the relevant problems somewhat on intertubes. As that the world grows increasingly digitized, tangible traits like as scarce, individuality, and photo identification must be mirrored. Never to address the fact that online services are generally only effective when it is used in tandem of underlying commodity. As illustrate, since there is a trade for it, you neither resale an Amazon audio tracks or transfer another corporation’s cash back for a further site’s score.


It is short form of Environmental, Social and Governmental impactful businesses. It strategies invest in things that are environmentally, socially, and politically responsible (ESG). To be eligible, organizations must pass stringent tests as well as meet regulatory requirements.

ESG is a necessary and exciting financial subject which might pay off handsomely with in future. Such organizations would be proactive as regulation procedures reform, providing businesses the possibility to increase profits and earn financial profit in addition to developing a moral and compassionate enterprise.

Protracted shareholders might also want to examine allocating a tiny percentage of their portfolio to ESG investments, which were mostly lately publicly listed and therefore can be evaluated upon achievement.

How about investing in the ESG as of now? 

For commence to, ESG investments have one woeful proven record in terms of earnings. Overall Nielsen stability rating including over 20,000 unit trusts (Mutual Funds) reflecting approximately $8 trillion in shareholder investment been studied by UOC scholars in a forthcoming Annals of Banking report.

Venture Capital (Funding)

VC is a category of financier that promotes a startup flourish or contributes finance for a firm. VCs invest in companies when investors consider the projected return on the investment (ROI) is high unless the project is successful.

Considering Venture capital fund are high-risk stocks with a particularly conducive criterion, often more than One crore Indian Rupees, shareholders should first engage according one‘s risk appetite and benefit of all parties. Whereas if business buys success, funders should mean a complete rapid onset and the prospect of future stock dilution.

Shareholders should analyze any instrument course’s compatibility and danger characteristic in reference to your overall balance. Whatever costs should be considered using institutions that have been recognized by that of the RBI/SEBI but have a proven track record.

Both booming entrepreneurial ecosystem including several Initial public offerings having contributed inside the evolution of Vc Activities in India. Nonetheless, funders really shouldn’t be tricked by great achievements; for each and every unicorns startup, there seem to be dozens other that haven’t yet. The elementary principle of an investor is to gain monetary freedom through better financial planning in order to build higher percentage of wellness (financial). 

Antique Collections/Collectibles. 

A collectible seems to be an asset that is almost super slated more than it had been initially acquired at given to its novelty, reputation, and provenance. Mutual funds and equities are no longer only options for wealth maximization. 

Trading in collecting defined as the combination and nurturing physical assets in the intention of gaining overall value.

Certain securities could tend to be much more enjoyable or exciting than many others, but they might be dangerous owing to rising cost of sales, a paucity of profits or other cash before they’re liquidated, and the possibility potential capital damage though not stored correctly or cared for. Competence is the most important attribute can have when purchasing in collections; users had to be a technical expert to hope a bang for the buck. Let us look at the several of collectibles which are both popular and grand. Whether or not to pursue this alternative is also reliant on the investor’s risk appetite.

  • Coins (Old or Unique): Due to its uniqueness and ‘rare’ availability, these coins add value over the time and become one of the popular ‘new-age’ investment options.
  • Paper Stamps: Many portfolio experts or managers suggest their client to invest in stamps particularly in postal one. It is also one of the most sophisticated ways of wealth building. Bank Funds (Mutual) are too retaining its position but its one’s willingness to buy it out or not.  
  • Rare Arts: Investing in the Fine or rare arts could be a high risk but it is also a high liquid one. it could also give an investor a higher percentage as a return. 
  • Cars – Limited Edition or Vintage ones: It is always fascinating for many investors to bet on this options since it has pleasure and pseudo wellness kind of feelings for the same. It has high risk along with the higher percentage of chances given a time and patience. 
  • Old and Extra-Ordinary Wines: If it is one’s risk appetite to invest in such assets then it is one of the most oldest and popular way of investing.