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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is between IST 9:15AM to IST 3:30PM. Market closes on Saturday and Sunday except some special sessions such as Muhurat (Trading) on Diwali. (For BSE and NSE)
No, you cannot trade. But many stockholders (passively) trade after market hours and it is known as ‘after market orders’.
Yes, There is sector wise segregation in the stock market which further helps to diversify the portfolio. There are 11 sectors at present.
By knowing industry trends and calculating companies’ assets one can do fundamental analysis. It helps investor to find shares with below fair prices as well.
It a method of evaluating the market trends with the help of past data. You may require some logical and technical understanding to read out the conclusions of the charts.
There are many online tools available find the same. You can also use different charts available on major exchange platforms.
It is completely subjective because if you are looking for long term investment then you should study the market trends and future plans of those companies. But, if you only have short term investment goal then you can rely on historic data.
Anyone can have reports and any other basic information about specific company on NSE/BSE or any other website.
When company first time offers their shares in the market for general public is called an IPO (Initial Public Offering). To buy it, one needs to have demat account. When you open an account and search for the specific IPO, you would have details on your screen and by few clicks; you can book the allotment by paying mentioned price.