What Are The Terminologies In Stock Market? | Best Stock Market Terminology In India

Whenever one thinks of learning about the stock market, learner would encounter with some of the terminologies related d to the same. These common terms have been often used by marketers. Today, let us define these jargon for you. It’s not that difficult to understand  Their differentiation are based on various ways such as payment … Read more

What Are Blue Chip Stocks In India | Which Stock Are Growing Fast

When there is a stock of financially sound, seasoned and reputed company which is usually high priced along with added goodwill, it is called ‘Blue Chip Stock’  These stocks are usually high performers and risk bearable in critical market conditions. These companies have high goodwill among their contemporaries and they are trend setters and leaders … Read more

Invest In US Stocks ? | 5 Things To Know Before Investing In US Stock Market

India’s leading stock market index, the Sensex, has fallen by roughly 7% in the previous five to six months as shareholders worry about a possible US Federal Reserve rate hike following of fiscal stimulus. Stock markets throughout the world, including those in India, have been affected by this anxiety in recent times. What is causing investors to worry about a rise … Read more

Set Couple Goals in india | How To Set Up A Financial Plan ?

In India, marriage is not merely a union between two individuals, but rather a union between two families. For numerous reasons, including work, business, and convenience, couples from tire-2 or tire-3 cities are moving to urban areas in order to raise their families. Couples need to think about “Future financial planning” to be able to … Read more

What Is The Best Way To Invest Money | Importance Of Investment In India

When you invest, you place your money in the hands of financial institutions in the hopes of increasing your wealth in the future. The goal of investing is to make a profit, which allows you to increase your initial investment. This is known as compound interest. At the moment, everybody knows that India is one of the most significant players … Read more

What Is The Role Of AMFI In Mutual Fund ? | AMFI – Association Of Mutual Funds In India

The Term “AMFI – Association of Mutual funds in India” Non-profit AMFI is dedicated to promoting mutual funds in India and making them more prominent. This organization is in charge of broadcasting the daily NAVs of all funds, in addition to the monthly flow statistics for a variety of different types of mutual funds. During the entirety … Read more